Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Sharing faith" as a Euphemism

Religious conservatives can't seem to help themselves. They just keep demonstrating how ignorant, arrogant, and whiny they really are. A piece at Religious News Service talks about one of their latest gripes in a rather wishy-washy manner but it doesn't take much to see the complaints for the self-deluded martyr-wanna-be bullshit that it truly is.

The first paragraph reads,
"Christian conservatives have grown increasingly alarmed in recent weeks over reports and rumors that the Pentagon is considering new policies aimed at discriminating against Christians and disciplining or even court-martialing those who share their faith."

Problem is that what conservatives mean by "share their faith" is coercion. The second paragraph points out that, "The Department of Defense on Thursday (May 2) sought to debunk that speculation, saying that while aggressive proselytizing is barred, evangelization is still permitted and the rights of all believers – and non-believers – will be protected." It would be acceptable if this were accurate but unfortunately it is not. The military still has serious problems with Christian officers getting away with intimidating and cajoling the ranks into participating in various prostelytizing activities.

Basically, they are bitching that they are now being questioned about such intolerant and coercive behavior. On the occasions that they have been prevented from harassing non-Christians they immediately turn around and play the victim card. They are a bunch of hypocritical, deceitful assholes. Their blatant disregard for the Constitution and the basic foundation of our government should be grounds for their court-martials. They should not be armed. And they sure as hell shouldn't be viewed as defenders of our country!

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