Sunday, May 19, 2013

Once again, Religion NEEDS Government endorsement

Every year I become further convinced that is not simply that the various Religions and religious groups want support but rather that they need the support of government. I find it slightly ironic that may of the same people who insist that the "free market"(and they don't limit that to economics) is always right are the ones who insist on ramming religion down everyone's throats. One of the latest examples of government being used to prop up faith comes from Georgia.

An AP story revealed that the National Park Service in Georgia had been placing copies of the Bible in its cabins. After having it pointed out that doing so is a violation of our Constitution the matter should have been resolved but instead conservatives are using it to push their narrow minded personal views on everyone else. If it were not for the constant reminder that the Bible is the "Good Book" how many would really view it that way? It has been demonstrated countless times that most Christians have never actually read the whole thing. So why do so many find the need to promote it? It is doubly ridiculous since the Bible is readily available. If people want to read it they can get a copy without any difficulty. How many libraries don't have a copy? What Christian church wouldn't have copies available?

Government involvement in such matters is not only unnecessary it is downright unethical and un-American.

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