Sunday, May 26, 2013

And in the Red corner, weighin in at....

It's always fun reading about Exorcisms. It is such a blatant crock of shit that it is truly astounding that so many still fall for that superstitious nonsense. Even more entertaining is that so many find it hard to understand why many non-believers view religion with disdain. Many Christian denominations, not just fringe ones, still officially recognize the devil and demons as being real. Seriously?!! And we're not suppose to make fun of that crap?!

A HuffPo repost of a recent AP story made me laugh. According to Ciaran Giles' "Exorcists Wanted: Madrid's Catholic Church Says It Needs More Trained Priests", "An archdiocese spokeswoman said Friday that Madrid only has one exorcist priest and that it is considering a plan to train more. She spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with archdiocese policy. 'The devil exists. That's a fact,' she told The Associated Press."

I couldn't help picturing the stereotypical old bearded white guy in a boxing ring with a horned red skinned dude exchanging jabs while bobbing and weaving. Theists really need to get their shit together and make-up their mind once and for all whether God is perfect and all powerful or not. If you assume God exists and that God is perfect then there can be no "devil." Demons are as make believe as fairies and leprechauns. Until the church officially disavows this type of garbage there is no reason not to ridicule them for it.

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