Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Victim/Martyr Bullshit

"When Christians become a 'hated minority'" is a piece looking for an excuse. The whole thing relies on the assumption that myths, delusions, and conflations by a self-selected group is a good source for a serious post. Why repeat the baseless nonsense being spewed but such an obviously clueless bunch of nut jobs. The title itself gives you a pretty good idea of the level of stupidity that follows. The story takes place right here in the US where Christians are the majority. The first obvious question revolves around how the majority can simultaneously become a minority, hated or otherwise. Conflating one denomination/sect of a given religion with that religion as a whole is such a blatant mistake that you would think Blake would have done more to point it out. He also does very little to point out that disagreements with, and even dislike of a specific group should not be reported as "hate." If the group taking issue is also seeking to cause harm to the other group then "hate" might be a reasonable term to use.

In fairness, Blake does bring up some of these questions but in a very mild manner. He seems to fall for the same trap so many mainstream journalists give in to; false balance. Loaning credibility to ideas and claims that are demonstrably false does a disservice to all of us. Even though I and many others, theist and atheist alike, frequently disagree and even dislike many of the doctrines and ideas associated with Christianity it in no way means we hate Christians. It is also idiotic to even hint at the false notion that Christians are a minority. If Christians have problems with the way Christianity is being presented in our culture the first thing they ought to do is look in the mirror and at each other.

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