Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wait, who's the bully?!

Apparently this is yet another attempt at distorting reality for rather selfish and self-deluded purposes. Overall, Meredith Bennett-Smith's piece, "Reach America's High School Anti-Chritian Bullying Video Calls For An 'Army' To Save America's Souls", is pretty well written but does reveal a slight bias towards the group in question. She states that, "However, while some of the points in the video are factually accurate, others are not entirely on the mark."

Actually, no there are no factually accurate "points" made at any point during the video*. On the occasion they use a fact it is distorted and interpreted to support their idiotic notion of religious freedom. I have watched the Reach America's short video and cannot see any merit to it. What they are really upset with is the fact that schools are finally starting to put a stop to the favored tactics of far-right conservative Christians. They are upset that they can no longer completely count on getting away with harassing and coercing, among others, homosexuals, non-Christians, and non-conservative Christians.

It is actually Reach America that would be accurately labelled a "bully."  The very premise for their existence is absurd to the point of being laughable. The site insists that, "Without a doubt, Christian youth are living in an increasingly anti-Christian culture." Really?! Our culture is still dominated by Christianity. The majority of Americans are self-professed Christians. The majority of our political, social, and economic leaders are likewise self-professed Christians. Minorities have comparatively little power and influence. Any sense of persecution they feel is either imagined or they are doing it to themselves.

*The May 2013 issue of American's United for Separation of Church and State's journal Church and State has an excellent piece that addresses many of the false claims made in videos like this one. "School Prayer Palaver: Busting Myths About Religion In The Classroom" should be posted in every public school where morons like the drones in the Reach America video insist on making such false claims.

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