Sunday, May 26, 2013

AN answer, sort of

I have a tendency to be more critical of conservative variations of religion but I do not reserve all my critiques for them. Recently there was a post on HuffPo, a liberal and routine target, that clearly demonstrates how clueless left leaning theists can be. Timothy Kurek's "The Answer to the 'Christian Right'" is a litany of liberal Christian ignorance. What makes it truly ridiculous is that the ignorance displayed is of an inward nature. It focuses on a relatively new website, The Christian Left, that purports to be unique. It isn't.

The truth is that Liberal Christians are not new and are not a minority. There are more left leaning theists than there are right leaning ones. It may not always seem that way since the conservatives tend to be louder and more aggressive. The only way both the founders of this site and its followers could have failed to notice this is by not paying attention. I am by no means saying that the site is poorly constructed and run. It is actually somewhat interesting but it is not all that is being made out to be. It is one possible response to Christian Right. A better one is for all liberal theists to wake up and pay attention to details. I'm not going to count on that happening. It would give them the ability to do what they seem to want; counter the conservative version of their faith. However, I can see such theists hesitating to pay too close attention since it would likely lead to more inward scrutiny than they can handle.

A lot of critical thinking will reveal some unwanted truths. Religion, liberal and conservative, is at its heart incoherent ludicrous crap.

Note: Liberal theistic "spokesmen" routinely appear in mainstream media. Two that immediately come to mind are Jim Wallis and Barry Lynn. They have even appeared on such stalwart conservative outlets as Fox News.

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