Sunday, May 5, 2013

Not so Pacifist

It may at times seem like I go out of the way to criticize Christianity, especially Catholicism, but that is not the case. I tend to write more about them for the simple reasons that it is the dominant religion of the culture I live in and it gets the most attention. Most religious "news" that gets reported tends to be focused on Christianity. However, recently Buddhism has been featured. I have previously pointed out that if you actually look into Buddhism it becomes clear that that religion is not nearly as "atheistic" as people assume. Recent reporting also points out that it is not quite the pacifist faith that many also assume it to be.

"In Myanmar, living in fear amid religious violence" AP (resposted by NPR)

"Why are Buddhist monks attacking Muslims?" BBC

This is by no means the first time Buddhism has been used to condone and/or encourage violence.

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