Saturday, July 27, 2013

Non-Religious Soldiers Are Second-Class Citizens

I have mixed feelings about Congress' recent rejection of humanist chaplains. One one hand, the term is an oxymoron that could easily be used to maintain and further push a variety of myths and stereotypes about non-believers. However, I find the mind-set among legislators that caused the rejection even worse.

“'The amendment holds the military to its current standards on endorsing agencies, which must be recognized religious and faith-based organizations,' said Fleming’s spokesman, Doug Sachtleben."
As reported in Religious News Service's "House rejects call to allow nonreligious military chaplains."

Since military chaplains serve the role of advisors and counselors, this view is blatantly bigoted  and discriminatory. It says, in effect, that the non-religious do not deserve similar services. So long as religious soldiers are afforded faith based counseling services on the public dime there is absolutely no justification for denying non-religious soldiers the same.

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