Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Shallow Sense of "Humility"

Apparently, an individual's choice of what car to ride in is definitive proof of whether they can be said to have humility. "Pope Francis' Car Shows His Commitment To Humility: Catholic Leader Chooses Ford Focus" is as short as it is silly. Hafiz notes that the Pope has suggested that clergy should not be driving around in expensive cars but does not bother to point out that he has not sought to institutionalize (like in the form of policy) what seems to be a personal preference. She also never bothers to ask where the money saved on the vehicle has gone. Maybe if he actually drove his own car and required all clergy, who are able to do so, follow the example I might take it seriously. Perhaps all the money saved could be earmarked toward reparations for those the church has sexually and/or physically abused.

Admitting to his own short coming and the crimes of the church would be a first step towards humility. Then, of course, he would have to follow it up with actions. Lip service is what I, and many other, have come to expect from religious leaders. Minor actions like being chauffeured around in an economy car doesn't cut it.

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