Saturday, July 27, 2013

Drive Thru Prayer

I couldn't make this up. As much as I ridicule religion I could not have come up with such wonderful examples of how idiotic it truly is if my life depended on it. I have no doubt that many theists will find this little HuffPo tid-bit, "Drive Thru Prayer Offers A Church Of Convenience", inspiring. It will never dawn on them what it says about religious beliefs being innately foolish. Some may pick up on the comparison to fast food, like HuffPo did, but few will go beyond the superficial critique of "commercializing" faith. That religion is materialistic despite claims to the contrary is easy enough to demonstrate. The bigger problem revolves around the futility of prayer itself. After all, a perfect being like God would automatically know what everyone is thinking and feeling. Prayer is useless even if you assume that God exists. Designating places of worship is silly enough as it is but at least there is some sense of community and a chance for social interaction. A drive thru would strip away even the few conditional positives that can be claimed by religion and prayer.

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