Saturday, July 27, 2013

Can Spirituality be Founded on Fraud

There is a slightly odd narrative being bandied about regarding a horror film that is currently at the theaters. Apparently the screenwriters of The Conjuring intend it to be a spiritual experience. Two examples include:

“Our faith led us to write a horror story.”

"Can a horror film lead people to God?"

I find that rather laughable though I do see some connections. They're both fictional. The Hayes brothers probably should have kept looking around for a better project to connect their missionary zeal to. Supposedly they adapted a true story for the big screen. However, their source of inspiration are the factually impaired couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. These are the same hoaxters who popularized such thoroughly debunk tales as the Amityville Horror and the Haunting in Connecticut. Their idea of "based on actual events" includes blatant omissions, wild exaggerations, and wholesale fabrications.

If this is the type of story the Hayes brothers are hoping will lead to deepening people's faith then they either have an even lower opinion of religion than I do or they are very delusional.

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