Sunday, July 14, 2013

"But while I love these truths...."

So, after listing a variety of horror stories and contradictions contained in the Bible Ellen Dollar still comes to the conclusion that it contains "truths". "Do I Love the Bible? It’s Complicated" is not the first or last piece that follows this shoddy analysis of scripture. Equally, this is not the first or last time I will comment on such odd leaps of reason.

I have always been confused as to how otherwise intelligent people can so blindly accept the notion that the Bible is "The Good Book." Literature does not have to contain all positive messages or even be well written to be taken as interesting or inspiring. But the Bible is portrayed as being more than just "literature." Yet, when you apply standards that most people accept in any other aspect of life these scriptures fail miserably.

For example, Dollar insists that "Fundamentally, I believe the Bible is the primary narrative revealing what we as Christians believe about God, the world, and the people who inhabit it." This is after she provides a litany of contradictory and heinous passages. It never occurs to her that by such low standards a reasonable person can easily conclude that Christianity is by its nature contradictory and even evil. I'm pretty sure that is not what she intends. She never really explains how cherry picking and interpreting scripture (which all believers do) establishes the Bible's merits.

In the end, this is simply another piece that clearly demonstrates how deluded Christians are about "The Good Book."

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