Saturday, July 16, 2011

Speaking of Faux History

CNN recently aired a piece titled "Are these ruins of Biblical City of David", which was as interesting as it was ignorant. The reporter did provide some scrutiny in regard to the city and the kingdom it is assumed to represent. It was mentioned a few times that there is no solid evidence for the existence of the Kingdom of David, certainly not as it is described in the Bible. However, it is taken for granted that David himself was an historical figure. The piece glosses over the complete lack of any evidence for David's existence outside the Bible. Why?

It seems to be another example of theists projecting their own double standards and ignorance on their surroundings. Atheist are often accused of not believing simply because they don't want to. It seems silly to me since I see no connection between what I may or may not want and what the state of reality actually is. Theists seem to be the ones that shape "truth" around what they want to be true. It is the City of David mainly because the want it to be. It could be one of the earliest cities of a Jewish Kingdom but that is not the same thing and it remains to be verified. Of course, there is also the problem that this discovery further negates the biblical narrative of the "City of David." The Bible clearly states that the city is Jerusalem.

I also find this wishful thinking as history odd since I can not fathom why anyone, theist or non-theist, would even want to believe in David. In the the biblical account he was a drunken short-tempered adulterous and genocidal scum-bag. Check out the rampage he goes on in 1 Samuel Chapter 27 verses 8-12. This cute little bloodbath is just a warm up. Most of 2 Samuel is a homicidal romp through the promised land.  Another revealing set of verses can be found in Chapter 11 of 2 Samuel. Heard the name Bath-Sheba? David sleeps with another man's wife then arranges for the man to be killed. And David is one of the good guys of the Bible!

There is no evidence that this dick actually existed (unless you count two disputed, vague phrases on the fragmented remains of a wall). Unfortunately, there have always been bastards like him in the real world. Wanting that to not be true won't make a bit of difference. I doubt the archeologists, their wishes set aside, will find a direct link between the unearthed city and the one in the Bible. I will freely admit I still want them to keep working on it since it is a pretty awesome find even with the baggage of theistic delusions.

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