Saturday, July 30, 2011

Constitutional Scholar?

Barrack Obama has been described as a constitutional scholar on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, as president, he has done nothing to justify such a characterization. One of the few pledges he made during his campaign he immediately ditched upon being elected. His promise to reform the Faith Based Initiative of Bush was not of much comfort since he not only promised to keep the initiative as a whole but also to expand it. How using public funds for religious purposes is not an affront to the constitution Obama is suppose to know so well is a mystery to me.

Recently, as noted on The Wall of Separation blog, Obama further distance himself from any claim to championing our constitution by insisting that dealing with religious based discrimination within the Faith Based Initiative " a very difficult issue..." It is not. It is actually quite simple. If you are going to allow a religious group to use public funds then it is not too much to expect them to follow the same rules everyone else is obligated to follow. If these groups don't want to play by the same rules do not give them any public funds. How is that difficult?

This, of course, skirts the fact that the few studies and objective measurements conducted to date clearly demonstrate that religious group do not perform any better than secular groups. In fact, in many instances religious based efforts are an absolute failure. Don't believe me? Ever heard of Abstinence Only? What about faith based drug rehab? Faith based counseling in general?

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