Saturday, July 9, 2011

Madman or Myth

For the most part the video put together by Breitbart is really good. However, I would hope that he follows it up with another on the "historicity" of Christ. His introduction stating that Christ is "quasi-mythical" is a bit inaccurate. If you apply the standards of historical research to the life of Jesus he disappears altogether. There is not a single verifiable fact about Jesus. There are also no legitimate external sources of information about this figure despite apologists' claims to the contrary.

As for the questionable moral character of the mythical figure of Christ, I agree completely. He was not that special and certainly not that nice. There is also plenty of evidence within the New Testament that can be used to demonstrate that Christ was at best mentally ill or an outright asshole. I will have to elaborate on this in separate posts since there is too much to cover in brief. Don't believe it? Reread the New Testament and pay attention to what you are actually reading.

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