Saturday, July 2, 2011

Common Antagonist

A letter in the Washington Times June 28th, "Homosexual activists should support atheists", raised some good points even if they were not quite original. The notion that advocates of homosexual rights and atheist advocates are, or should be, natural allies has been considered on a number of occasions but is well worth commenting on further. However, the letter writer does seem to imply something I take issue with. The author, though supporting gay rights, does not seem to think an equal right to marriage is by its nature a moral stance. I would have to insist that all Civil Rights rise to a moral imperative.

He also seems to overlook one of the major points of common interest between homosexuals and atheists. We share a common antagonist. That antagonist is, of course, religion. The discrimination and prejudice against us stems predominantly, if not entirely, from that one source. I have never understood how homosexuals can continue to be religious when the basic doctrines and sacred texts are so hostile toward them. Claims to the contrary are simply delusional since the level of interpretation and cherry-picking necessary to make them seem compatible is mind numbing. This is not to say homosexuals need to be atheists. They don't. The concept of God is independent of religion even if the reverse is not the case.
Having a common source of persecution may not always seem like an automatic reason for alliance but add in the fact that both minority groups are by their nature very concerned with Civil Rights and it makes a lot of sense.

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