Saturday, July 30, 2011

Noah: Cute kid's story or epitome of religion's absurdity?

I realize quite a few moderate and liberal Christians and Jews view the story of Noah's ark as a symbolic moral lesson rather than a literal historic event. However, there are plenty of others who do view this ridiculous myth as much more than that. Even if they did not it is pathetic even in terms of symbolism. What is the moral lesson? Is it okay to be vengeful and genocidal? Is it okay to blame others for your own incompetence? After all, God supposedly is the creator of everything. Was it humanity's fault he did such a shitty job? Personally, I do not find this story to be cute and it certainly is not one in which anything resembling morality can be drawn from.

So set aside the Childrens' books and plush toys and take a look at the following:

Barry Lynn's assessment of The Ark Encounter

Non-Stamp Collector's Noahs Ark

Charles Martin Halle's "A Chat With Noah"

If anyone can read, assuming they have a comprehension level better than that of a kindergartner, the Noah myth in Genesis and still insist there is value in it I have to conclude they are seriously twisted.

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