Sunday, April 21, 2013

Recent A.C. Grayling Interviews

In the past handful of weeks there have been a number of attacks and smears aimed at A.C. Grayling. I would emphasize that they are attacks rather than critiques since the majority of "criticisms" are either grossly exaggerated/skewed or outright fabrications. The uptick in focus on Grayling rather than the so-called New Atheists in general* is that he has a new book out. Though I have not yet read a copy of The God Argument there have been a few interviews with him recently.  I have included links to two such interviews below. I think they do an excellent job demonstrating the exceptional intelligence and reasonable nature of A.C. Grayling.

Point of Inquiry
A.C. Grayling - The God Argument
April 8, 2013

Culture Shocks
Jonathan Rieder, A C Grayling
April 11 . 2013

*If the media and/or public is paying any attention to us it is generally to marginalize, smear, or demonize us.

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