Saturday, April 6, 2013

Is Taco Bell really Mexican?

If there are any theists, Christians in particular, out there reading this can you please explain this one to me,
"Poll: Americans love the Bible but don’t read it much." This is by no means new information but it still both fascinates and confuses me. Why do so many insist the Bible is such a wonderful book without actually have read or paid attention to what they have read? I don't know the percentage but many who have read the "Good Book" cover to cover have done so through some type of study group or similar program. So many who do read it seem to simply accept what they are being told they should take the meaning of a given passage to be. Basically, no real thought is involved with many religious peoples' reading of a book that is supposedly such a profound experience. Doesn't that negate the idea that it is so worthy?

To me this is no different than someone proclaiming their undying love of Mexican food and in the very next breath admitting the only "Mexican" they've ever eaten came from Taco Bell. I just don't get it. If anyone has a decent explanation for this beyond the standards (faith or delusion/wishful thinking, depending on your point of view) I would love to hear it.

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