Saturday, April 13, 2013

"reasonable observer" Does not include the Court

Yet another court has made it clear that atheists have a long way to go before they are no longer viewed and treated as second class citizens. This hypocritical bigot also makes it equally obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that the country is still dominated by ignorance and delusions when it comes to what role religion should play in the public sphere and what our constitution actually says about such matters. Charles Haynes at the Washington Post's On Faith section approvingly reports on the courts disgusting decision on the "Ground Zero Cross." 

Deborah Batts reached the ludicrous decision that since a "reasonable observer" would see the cross as part of a larger secular display it does not violate the First Amendment's Establishment clause. Bullshit! Who is this "reasonable observer" and just how fucking stupid are they? The whole reason proponents want the cross beam referred to as the "Ground Zero Cross" in the memorial is because of its symbolism. The cross, like it or not, is a symbol that carries a lot of power and influence. That it is not only an expressly religious symbol but specifically a Christian one defies Batts' claim. Haynes piece acknowledges that religious services have been held around this hunk of metal and that clergy have made a fuss over it. How would a "reasonable observer" miss that its only significance is as a religious symbol. There are plenty of other pieces of debris that could be incorporated into the memorial. Claiming that the cross isn't the point of contention is at best disingenuous.

Personally, I think it is being fought over for more dubious reasons. I have no doubt that a number of proponents actively want to keep atheists as well as other non-Christians as marginalized as possible. The implication that Non-Christians, especially non-theists, are less important is unmistakeable. Even if you could prove that every person who died and all their family and friends left behind to mourn them were all Christian, which you can't, it is still grossly inappropriate to have this "Ground Zero Cross" part of the display. The memorial is meant to be a national monument that all Americans can turn to. It is no such thing and won't be so long as religious bigots get their way.

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