Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wildmon being Wildmon

I don't care what your political, philosophical, or religious beliefs are, anyone who thinks they can predict in any way what things will be like in 40+ years is a fool. Wildmon has always been an incredibly bigoted ignorant asshole. It did not surprise me in the least to come across his ludicrous fear mongering projections on HuffPo's "American Family Association Warns Christians Of Bigotry, Family Unit Ruin And A Muslim President."

 I found Wildmon's claims/fears about polygamy particularly entertaining since he bases his own "definition" of marriage on the Bible which condones such practices. Somehow, I don't think 2060 will see the end of marriage or families. They may or may not be structured the way they are now (we already have wide variations) but that doesn't say anything about their value. I also fail to see what would be so horrible about a Muslim president in the future. We've survived Christian ones.

Of course, it's possible that Wildmon doesn't really believe any of the crap he's slinging. Fear mongering has always been quite profitable for the Religious Right. Whether he's a money grubbing whore or raving looney, Wildmon is and probably always will be a complete asshole. That's not a prediction so much as it is an assumption based on past experience.

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