Saturday, January 12, 2013

1st Atheist "Church" in England

If you haven't heard yet, a small portion of the media is making a little noise about the first atheist "church" to be created in England. A minor problem with the story is that it is not actually going to be a church. It is more like a cross between a community center and a performing arts venue. The only unique aspect is that it is going to offer a variety of services that are traditionally ascribed to religion. It is those services that have once again fueled the idiotic among theists to point fingers and claim that atheism is just as much a religion and therefore faith-based as their own beliefs. Bullshit!

Humans are social animals. We all, theist and atheist alike, need to interact and feel as though we belong. There are a number of naturally occurring milestones throughout our lifespans. Even our demise is considered worth memorializing. The fact that atheists and/or non-theists feel the need to celebrate such events as births, coming of age, marriages, deaths, etc. simply makes us human. It does not imply anything "spiritual" or "religious."

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