Friday, January 18, 2013

Reconcile a Red Flag

According to Chambers 21st Century Dictionary:

verb (reconciled, reconciling)
1 a. (usually reconcile one person with another or one person and another) to put them on friendly terms again, especially after a quarrel;
(b) (be reconciled) said of two or more people: to be on friendly terms again.
2. (usually reconcile one thing with another) to bring two or more different aims, points of view, etc into agreement; to harmonize them.
3. (usually be reconciled to something or reconcile oneself to something) to agree to accept an unwelcome fact or situation patiently.
reconcilability noun.
reconcilable adjective.
reconcilably adverb.
reconcilement noun.
reconciler noun.
reconciliation noun.
reconciliatory adjective.
[14c: from Latin reconciliare.]"

Why am I concerned with this definition? I hear over and over references to reconciling religion and/or God with a variety of other institutions and ideas. Probably the most common are reconciling religion (or God) with science and feminism. I have also heard similar scenarios with modernity, democracy, and secularism.
Over and over a number of individuals go on about how to make such reconciliations. None ever seem to question that it should be done. Why does it never raise any red flags that if religion and God need to be reconciled with so many aspects of contemporary society then perhaps there is something wrong with religion and God. Why assume it is Religion and God that must be preserved?

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