Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Baseless Attacks on "Mythicists"

The latest sniping comes from the dip shit behind the Exploring Our Matrix blog. "Announcing TalkHistoricity: An Index of Mythicist Claims" is an interesting title for the post since the Index does not actually exist. Premature announcements for the sake of drumming up interest is a fairly common and useful tactic but as you read further it becomes clear that not only has he not actually started working on this index he hasn't even worked out some of the basic structural issues. Of course, given the manner of the announcement my expectations of it being even remotely accurate are near zero.

Part of this announcement is a ridicilous pot-shot at Jerry Coyne.
"It continues to be the case that even a well-educated scientist like Jerry Coyne, who in his own field works hard to combat pseudoscience, is happy to jump on a fringe bandwagon in the domain of history on this particular topic and use his blog to promote those fringe views, in a manner that sadly and ironically parallels the sort of thing he finds frustrating in his own field."

McGrath includes a link to Coyne's post that sparked the above criticism. I was confused as to why he included it since it clearly shows how assinine his reproach is. Coyne does not really make any claim of his own. He points out how dubious the claims of a particular theist is in regard to the historicity of Christ. His insistence that definitive claims be backed up by clear evidence is a routine part of Coyne's "own field." There is nothing ironic about that. What is ironic is that Coyne, to the best of my knowledge, is not a "mythicist." He expresses doubt about the historicity of Christ but does not actually state a position or any interest in staking out one on the topic.

At this point I have to assume that the index in question will just be a mish-mash of apologetics and smears of "mythicists." I will keep looking for it out of basic curiosity.

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