Saturday, November 10, 2012

God Votes!

Do theists ever realizes just how idiotic captions like this are? It is bad enough that so many candidates find the need to load their rhetoric with "God talk." The constant analysis and speculation over how faith translates into votes gets really irritating after a short while. It would be nice if theists, at least a few, would just once concede that if they believe in God than all the analysis and speculation is moot. If God exists than nothing really matters. If God is the Supreme being and is perfect than you cannot have free will. If God exists all humans are, or can be, is a bunch of meat puppets. The election and its consequences lose meaning for the simple fact that everything that has happened and will happen has to occur exactly they way the have and will. God does not have to vote since we can do nothing. We mean nothing. Your every thought and action would have to originate from God since God is all, the source of everything. That is rather disturbing. I guess it's a good thing God is a fabrication of the human mind.

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