Friday, November 30, 2012

Evangelical Ceasfire of Sorts

In a recent blog post Mark Silk has commented on Richard Stearns apparent concession in the "Culture War." I emphasize apparent since it is not uncommon for various religious leaders to say one thing and then behave in a completely contradictory manner. Even if Stearns means what he says it will probably not make much of a difference. Others will continue to fight their self-imposed bogus "war."

What I find far more about such comments is how grandiose, absurd, and self-deluded they are. The theists who either participate in or tacitly accept this culture war never see how well it reveals their own foolishness.
Take for example the bit he quotes from Stearns' HuffPo piece:
"As this cultural shift has occurred, many Christians have reacted in frustration. We have fought to place the Ten Commandments in courtrooms and Christmas crèches outside town halls. We have sued over public prayers and crosses in state parks. One court recently weighed in on whether cheerleaders at a Texas school should be allowed to post Bible verses on their banners."

Neither men seem to ever question why such legal fights were seen as necessary to in the first place. Is God the supreme being or not? Why would the "Almighty" need puny mortals fight his battles for him? Why would a true Christian need any external support for their faith? Personally, I've always seen theists need to create and then fight a "culture war" as a sign of how truly pathetic religion is. It cannot survive on its own so it has to constantly find ways of entangling itself with other institutions (like Government and Education). It has always been that way.

I'll be surprised if Stearns doesn't revert to some degree to insinuating faith into everything else, which is the real struggle that is taking place. It doesn't hurt that the bogus "culture war" is an excellent source for fundraising.

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