Saturday, November 10, 2012

Apostasy and Blaspheme

What does it say about Religion and the God concept that so many around the world still seem to think that Apostasy and Blaspheme are important issues?

According to the Chambers 21st Century Dictionary:

noun: (apostasies) the relinquishment or rejection of one’s religion or principles or of one’s affiliation to a specified political party, etc.
[14c: from Greek apo away + stasis standing.]"

verb (blasphemed, blaspheming)
1. transitive & intransitive to speak disrespectfully or rudely about God, a divine being or sacred matters.
2. intransitive to swear or curse using the name of God or referring to sacred things.

Does this give further indication at how truly pathetic and weak religion is both intellectually and philosophically? Does it demonstrate theists lack of confidence in their own claims about God? If Religion and God need special considerations (laws, norms, taboos,...) how well founded can they really be?

Personally, I think it does show how weak religious ideas are. It may be just another way people can make themselves feel better about harassing and persecuting each other. Either way, it is worth questioning and thinking about.

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