Saturday, June 14, 2014

Schaeffer is NOT and atheist

Looks like a question I posed about Frank Schaeffer, "Will the Interview Translate" (March 30, 2014), has now been answered. No. Frank has once again slipped into bizarro world. Somehow he seems to think it's possible to be a theist and an atheist simultaneously. It isn't. By definition you cannot be both at the same time. You also cannot have a square circle. It defies the very definition not to mention reality.

Schaeffer has never had a particularly good grasp on reality. His previous book, Patience with God, made it quite clear that he knows nothing about atheists. Coming across various pieces on his new book and even a short piece he himself wrote didn't really surprise me. It is still sad and disappointing that someone who speaks as well as he does in interviews is so inconsistent and, put bluntly, so bat-shit crazy when it comes to writing.

A few of the pieces on Scaeffer's most recent decent into idiocy:

"Atheist or believer? Frank Schaeffer is a bit of both" Religious News Service

"Meet the atheist ... who believes in God" CNN Belief Blog

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