Sunday, June 15, 2014

When privilege just isn't enough

That font of equality and reason,, is at it again. In an attempt to beat a dead canard into undead status they've published another one of their rants pretending to be a news article,"Annual atheists convention is free for everyone, except heterosexual white men." This seems even more disingenuous than usual since they participated a few times in the moral sleight of hand that has become all too common over the past few years. The claim that atheists are intentionally less-diverse and open than other demographics is full of shit to begin with. I have pointed out this bogus claim a handful times in the past. The most recent being "Getting sick of Chris "'Faitheist' Twit" Stedman" (May 18, 2014)

That the Secular Coalition of America is offer breaks to minorities they and similar groups have been accused of ignoring and/or discriminating against seems to defy the prior narratives. So what do the assholes at Examiner do? Attack them. Yup, you just can't do the right thing if you're an atheistic organization. But they can't just leave it at simple hypocrisy or double standards. They have to take it a step further. They insist that this is discrimination. A private function can charge any admission it chooses. It can give discounts to whoever they want. That isn't the same as discrimination since they are selling tickets to anyone interested. White men are not only allowed to attend, the majority in the audience are still in all likelihood going to be predominantly white.

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