Sunday, April 13, 2014

Overdue and Underwhelmed

I was pleased to come across "Bible study: More people say the Good Book isn’t a God book" on Religious News Service' website. However, given how much information is available on the history and impact of the Bible the numbers are still rather dismal. It is also still quite disheartening that so few are willing to read, pay attention to what they are reading, and scrutinizing what they actually read in the Bible. It really is a horrible book. The "values" argument is completely unfounded. The "heroes" of the Bible are worse than any villain Hollywood could conjure up and God himself is a blood-soaked tyrant. It is also crap in terms of literary standards. There are a number of non-religious individuals who have made the equally bogus claim that it has a great deal of merit in terms of its writing. It doesn't. The closest forms of literature outside sacred text it can be compared to is that of an anthology. If you apply the criteria used to evaluate anthologies it doesn't hold up very well.

Despite this lack of merit I do not want to give a false impression or provide any excuses to those who may misconstrue my negative views of the "Good Book." I in no way endorse banning it or discouraging people from reading and talking about it. As the post implies, the more people do read and pay attention to it the less likely they will be to continue to view it in such biased delusional ways.

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