Sunday, April 6, 2014

Flunking Church and State

It's pathetic and sad but not surprising that so few of our political leaders either understand or are willing to support one of the most basic concepts in the Constitution. According to the Secular Coalition the majority of Congress fails miserably to support the separation of church and state. As reported on Religious News Service piece "Secular Coalition flunks most members of Congress on church-state report card" better than half of our legislators got an F on the SC's report card. Even though it is not commented on, quite a few of those who failed probably cling to false notion that the US is a "Christian Nation" and that separation is a myth. Both assertions are so mind-numbingly stupid that it still amazes me that anyone who adheres to them even tries to pretend that they've read the Constitution. There isn't a single reference to God, Jesus, or Christianity. On top of which the only references to religion at all are negative in their framing (establishment clause and no religious oaths of office).

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