Sunday, December 22, 2013

Religion is Subjective and Amorphous

As I have frequently pointed out, when people insist they know the "true" religion you can usually safely assume that they are either ignorant, delusional, a liar, or any combination of those three. This seems especially true of Christianity. I'm pretty sure it is due to the fact that despite claims to the contrary there isn't a single Christ figure. The New Testament agrees on very little and tends to alternate between being vague, convaluted, and contradictory.

I will admit that when I come a cross pieces like Marcotte's "5 Ways the Christian Right Perverts Religion to Push Inhumane, Unfettered Capitalism" and Howerton's "Is the Duck Dynasty #StandwithPhil Outrage Really About Christian Values" they do sometime make some decent points related to ethics and morality in general. However, their connections to religion are often shallow and baseless. They almost always are premised on the author's preferred interpretation of the faith in question.

So remember, there are "No True Scotsmen."

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