Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's Not Just Christians

I have pointed out in the past that my intention is not to single-out any specific faith for criticism. I tend to focus on Christianity for practical reasons. It is the religion that I am surrounded by and the one that dominates the culture I live in. A piece I recently read reminded me that sub-sets of Muslims can be just as ignorant, delusional, and hypocritical as various sub-sets of Christianity or any other religion. A recent post on the Pak Tea House, "Atheism and Faith",  by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi made me laugh quite a bit. I'm by no means the only one to find his piece both absurdly funny and irritating in its promotion of double standards, stereotypes, and sheer stupidity. The comment section seemed to be dominated by those who found Mr. Kundi's piece incredibly childish and pointless.

I should have stopped reading after the very first paragraph since it was an excellent summary of what followed. Unfortunately, I did read the whole thing. Feel free to follow the link in the Pak Tea House piece's title but be prepared for a mind-numbingly idiotic rambling piece of shit. If you don't want to wast your time read just the first paragraph since the rest can easily be extrapolated form it;
"I am a believer in one God. But I am always fascinated by atheist because it seems fantastic that they could reject the idea of God despite the inadequacy of science to explain physical world around us with certainty. To understand their argument I am always eager to meet an atheist with a hope that some new information will be revealed to shake foundation of my faith. But most of the time I hear the same arguments again and again. Religion has always argued that faith has certain element of irrationality to it although Quran has presented the idea that science will eventually find God."

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