Sunday, December 15, 2013

I do Listen. Do you?

I'm pretty sure that Mr. Werleman doesn't listen. He certainly doesn't listen to atheists and I doubt he's paid that much attention to the Pope either. Like so many others he is blindly assuming that empty rhetoric will amount to action. It hasn't so far. His December 11th Alternet piece, "Why Atheists Should Listen to Pope Francis", is a thinly veiled excuse to attack nonbelievers. The piece oozes all sorts of slimy misrepresentations, double standards, and flat out lies.

"Atheists like to talk about building a better world, one that is absent of religiosity in the public square, but where is the atheist movement, as defined by the some 2,000 atheist groups and organizations in the U.S., when it comes to dealing with our third-world levels of poverty? Not only is the atheist movement absent on this issue, it is spending thousands of dollars on billboards that make atheists look like assholes, at the same time Catholicism is looking hip again. "

Not sure which "2,000" groups he's refer to but off the top of my head I can name three online locations he could have easily perused and discovered that virtually everything in the above is a steamy pile of shit. Atheist Nexus, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and Freethought Blogs all do an ample job of demonstrating that nothing Werleman thinks about atheist is based on reality. All three routinely advocate giving to various charities/non-profits. It is also interesting and revealing that when theists push messages in the public sphere it is perfectly fine but when atheists do the same we are the "assholes." FfRF recently interviewed one of the individuals responsible for the current billboard campaign. She clearly indicates that they are aimed at atheists not theists. It is to help those who feel isolated and alone gain a sense of belonging. That's being an "asshole"?!

Fuck you Werleman! You're little more than a hypocritical double-standard wielding bigoted scumbag.

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