Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Prayer Failed for Jesus"

Green's Debunking Christianity blog post, "Prayer Failed for Jesus!", makes some excellent points. I find these contradictions of scripture very entertaining. They are also rather revealing. Many theists come up with the same feeble response to such blatant flaws in their beliefs. They like to insists that we are being "literalists". The problem with this attempted dodge is that it is largely a projection. What branch of Christianity does not claim authority through scripture? It is not the fault of critics that virtually every doctrine and concept put forth by theists is linked to and/or justified by scripture. We didn't choose to build our beliefs around bronze-age bullshit.

Since so many pray to, or in the name of Jesus, why is it unfair to point out that according to their own scripture Jesus' prayers went unfulfilled? If some branches of Christianity claim that Jesus is simultaneously God and Man, what makes it rude to point out how silly it is for him to pray to himself?

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