Sunday, September 1, 2013


I'm aware of a wide variety of summaries, descriptions, and criticisms of Christianity but I don't recall anyone calling it "boring." Even before considering all the mischief and mayhem this major world religion has foisted on the rest of us, reviewing the massive doses of intrigue and in-fighting that has occurred within and among the 40,000+ sects/denominations is anything but boring.

Once you get past this silly notion Acuff's example of excitement from the Gospel of Luke is pretty terrible. Then again, the Bible is chock full of horrendous behavior and piss-poor role models. The whole piece, "Should Christianity be so boring?", is a rambling mess that doesn't ever come together or make any coherent valid point.

If you're studying Christianity, or any religion, and you find it boring you either aren't paying attention or your research skills really suck. Whether you like it or not, religion is one of the most fascinating fields to study.

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