Sunday, September 8, 2013

More humanist than religious

Even though I cannot definitively disprove the existence of God or similar supernatural entities/forces. I am certain that at the very least the conservative/fundamentalist interpretation of such things is utter bullshit. I had this reconfirmed to some degree this weekend. I, an atheist, attended a homosexual wedding within the walls of a Christian church. I'm pretty sure that with the size of attendance I was not the only atheist present. I'm certain the grooms were not the only homosexuals there, either. There were no lightning strikes, spontaneous combustion, or earth quakes. No fire-and-brimstone, vindictive type entity could resist such an easy target. Apparently, even in theory, a fundamentalist type deity really doesn't give a shit if same sex marriages occur.

On a more pleasant note, I have to say that the ceremony was one of the most personal intimate ones I have ever witnessed. There was, of course, a considerable amount of religious trappings and rhetoric. However, almost every aspect was catered to the grooms. For example, in place of a second scriptural reading a short story that related to the type of men the grooms are was used. Vows were more like a pledge that focused on their relationship rather than the "marriage as a sacrament" mumbo-jumbo. Basically, it was about their love for each other far more than some bullshit take on why marriage is justified and/or maintained by religion. Despite being officiated by a reverend it was more of a humanist celebration than a religious one. It was beautiful.

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