Sunday, February 24, 2013

Which Jesus is More Absurd

David Henson doesn't seem to be offended by the recent Saturday Night Live sketch that lampoons Tarantino's tendency to resort to over-the-top violence by making a Tarantino Jesus film in which the "Good Shepherd" goes on a blood thirsty rampage. I feel I should give him credit for at least seeing the humor in it. However, his piece on Patheos, "DJesus Uncrossed: Tarantino, Driscoll and the Violent Remaking of Jesus in America", makes it pretty clear that he is just as delusional about Jesus as any other theist.

He seems to think there is only one Jesus in scripture and that he is the hippy-like version that so many prefer. I admit that if people are going to follow "Jesus" I prefer they follow the peaceful variation. With that said, there are multiple versions of the Jesus persona in the scriptures and not all of them are that nice. There are passages where Jesus commands his followers to do some pretty horrendous things including committing mass murder (Luke 19:27).

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