Saturday, February 2, 2013

Still Not a Church

Recently the New York Times ran a short piece, "At Atheist Church, No Faith Required", in their Room for Debate section on the supposed London "atheist" church.The very first paragraph does a pretty good job refuting such a silly notion with a bit of humor.

"Is atheism a religion? Of course it isn’t. Here’s why: we don’t believe in God, but we are ready to change our minds the minute the evidence changes. It is not a question of faith. Should God stride through the door now and say 'Stop that atheist church business at once,' we’d stop it. And we’d believe in God. And we’d say: 'God, put some clothes back on. Naked old guys are gross!' (He’s just stepped out of the shower, we assume.)"

The Sunday Assembly has no clergy and will not be offering anything that resembles a liturgy. There are no religious based doctrines being advanced. Even though the two founders of this venue use the term "church" themselves only proves that they have not bothered to come up with a better word.

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