Sunday, February 17, 2013

Atheists Are Not the Closed-Minded Ones

A recent post by Bob Seidensticker, "Atheists: What Would It Take to Change Your Mind?", is well worth reading but I do feel compelled to point out that there really isn't much in it that should surprise an atheist, or non-theist. I also consider the questions he poses at the end to now be foregone conclusions. Theologians and apologists have been making bogus claims about atheists being closed-minded and issuing disingenuous challenges over "proof" for centuries. We have always, as a whole, answered back without their ever attempting to meet their own standards or challenges. So, the notion that we need to routinely answer such charges is a matter of double standards and hypocrisy on their part. Personally, I have no problem with reiterating what is acceptable as proof and certainly have no problem with re-assessing what I believe and why. I think we should all do precisely that.

I have actually written a few posts on what I would consider decent proof for the existence of God.
"Proof of God: Scenario1" (February 25, 2012)
"Proof of God: Scenario 2" (March 12, 2012)
"Proof of God: Scenario 3" (March 24, 2012)

And, of course, a number of atheists far more eloquent than I have also written on this topic. Off the top of my head I recall reading similar things from Greta Christina and Richard Dawkins.

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