Sunday, May 18, 2014

Not so "Ballsy"

Prior to reading CNN Belief blog's "The next chapter in faith films: comedy" I had seen a handful of ads for "Mom's Night Out." It looked pretty lame and a bit annoying. As far as I can tell it relied entirely on outdated stereotypes and slapstick. In other words, there was nothing notable about it. Now that I know it is a "Christian" comedy I am slightly, only slightly, more curious. I still assume it will be mediocre at best but I am interested in seeing what those involved in the project seem to think makes it different from other comedies of its type. I doubt very much. Sean Astin's comment that it's "ballsy" for aiming at "middle-class Christian families" as a demographic is revealing. That demographic is basically the average American. It isn't ballsy so much as it is common practice. The majority of Americans are Christian. The majority of movies are aimed at them and will be so long as the average American still pays to see films.

In this type of context labeling anything "Christian" seems rather silly and self-righteous. Why bother? You can't get enough people to take your bullshit seriously in its proper setting so you have to resort to various ploys? That's certainly what it seems like to me.

Note: I probably won't bother seeing this in the theatre. I doubt it's worth the admission. I haven't decided if the curiosity factor outweighs my initial impressions. I also can't stand Patricia Heaton. I have seen a number of interviews with her and she isn't a particularly good actress. The "characters" I've seen her play aren't that far removed from who she really seems to be: a whiny self-absorbed sanctimonious arrogant bitch.

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