Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Should Christians Take Medication for Mental Illness?"

I am happy that Mr. Noble has come to the right conclusion but the very question is fucking scary. Unfortunately, I do not get a sense from "Should Christians Take Medication for Mental Illness?" that Perry Noble is some fringe wack-a-doodle. He seems to be a fairly mainstream religious leader. Does that imply that this question is far more common than I or others realize? I hope not.

I do not want to promote any myths and stereotypes about mental illness. It is a serious and potentially devastating problem. The majority of people who deal with mental health issues are decent law-abiding citizens who do not deserve to stigmatized. Sadly, there is a small percentage who have and will turn violent. If medication could have helped but they chose not to take it that is a huge concern. If religious beliefs are interfering with the treatment of any mental illnesses that is inexcusable. It is an outrage not only because it may contribute to violent and potentially lethal incidences but also because it can contribute to needless suffering in general.

Again, the overwhelming majority of people with mental illness of one type or another are not a threat to anyone. This does not mean there is not a considerable amount of personal suffering. I have seen individuals struggle with mental health. It can terrible. It can cause the individual a great deal of pain and take a huge emotional toll on those around them. If medication can help there is no ethical or moral reason not to go that route. Any religion that even casts the slightest doubt on such treatment should be seen as vile and petty.

This is yet another example of the "what's the harm" bullshit that many theists tend to fall back on when their faith is challenged in any way. Potentially, there is a lot of harm. I will state again that I am very pleased that Mr. Noble has come around to the right conclusion and hopefully the majority of theist will do the same, if they haven't already. The question is still heinous.

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