Sunday, January 19, 2014


One of the latest narratives to emerge from the mainstream media related to Pope Francis is interesting in that it is more accurate than most of the pieces they have produced but is still grossly misleading. The main theme present in most of these pieces is that the Pope is looking to create diversity within the upper echelons of Catholic clergy. However, writing like "What the Pope's choice of new cardinals means", are incredibly superficial in their approach to the basic concept of diversity. As far as I can tell from reading such examples no one has bothered to look into these cardinals beyond where they are from geographically.  What part of the world each cardinal hails from is by no means trivial but it also is not the epitome of diversity. I found nothing that would indicate they vary in any other aspect. At this point, for all we know they will be a bunch of strict "traditionalists". I see no reason to draw any conclusions about the effect these men will have on the Catholic church at this point.

So to the mainstream media, NO, this is not further proof of their favored premise that this Pope is a reformer.

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