Sunday, January 26, 2014

One Misunderstanding?

The title of Neil Walsch's HuffPo piece, "Our One Misunderstanding About God", made me laugh quite a bit. He actually seems to think he has boiled down the various disagreements and contradictory assertions about God to one thing. Theists think too primitively. While I don't completely disagree with that idea it is far too simplistic and definitive. Once you cut through all Walsch's touchy-feely new age crap it isn't hard to figure out that he suffers from a very basic misunderstanding himself. He does not seem to realize that the God concept has more than one version. Part of why he fails to note, let alone think critically, about this is that he never really acknowledges that there isn't even a single agreed upon definition for God. Sorry Neil but there are lost of misunderstanding and there will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Setting aside most of the ideas and beliefs attached to a the personal scripture based God won't be an end to the concept's confusion and misunderstanding.

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