Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Devil Made Me

And here we have more fun with absurdist theist theatre, "Catholic Priest: Disbelief in the Devil main cause of atheism." That's right fellow non-theists, our beliefs, or lack there of, are the direct result of a theistic imaginary frenemy. The devil didn't just make me do something the red-hued horned one actually made me what I am. Good to know.

Since father's day is coming up, should I consider getting a card for Satan? Like usual, while reading this ridiculous piece a couple things popped into my. For a good hour, or so, I could not get out of my head either the Grateful dead song Friend of the Devil or one of the SNLChurch Lady's catch phrases, "Could it be SATAN?!"

Oh, and remember kids, If you believe in the Boogey Man you're not really a monotheist.

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