Monday, December 17, 2012

"God has called them home"

Normally, I try to refrain from commenting on such horrific tragedies for at least a week but I can't take this shit any longer. Do theists ever think about how things like, "God has called them home" to non-theists? We get bashed, falsely, for being cold, angry, rude, etc... Look in a damn mirror! To me what that phrase really says is that "God" is a cruel homicidal selfish scumbag. Theists are "His" apologists/enabler. Even if God exists and needed those children and adults why did they have to die like that. You're going to tell me the Supreme Being couldn't have arranged for them to die in their sleep while dreaming of all sorts of amazing things? If you want to use the lame-ass excuse that it's suppose to teach us something, think again. This shit isn't working. We haven't learned yet. God being the Supreme should have known that. There's another for the list: incompetent.

Enough with the bullshit. It's horrible. It should be seen as a catastrophe. Until we get our shit together and actually do something to stop this senseless violence stop trying to justify it with God or any other such religious/spiritual platitudes. You want to feel better then do something productive about it. Grow up and start dealing with the problems we are all responsible for. As scary as that may be the simple truth is that WE are responsible.

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