Friday, December 14, 2012

"Coping" with the Holidays

I don't think I'd use terms like "coping" or "refuge" in relation to the Holidays. The noticeable and somewhat dramatic uptick in religious fervor can sometimes be a little irritating to me as an atheist but I also can see why it happens. Like I have pointed out on numerous occasions, I don't have a problem with the average believer. That said, all the religious connotations and expressions can get overwhelming at times so it is nice to have some humor and/or anecdotes around this time of year. A recent piece on Religious News Service noted that there is now an annual holiday comedy show geared to the non-Christian. It would be nice if eventually the show is either broadcast or made available on DVD or through streaming video.

In the meantime another "refuge" for those who enjoy reading may be found in an anthology that was published two years ago, The Atheist's Guide To Christmas. I haven't seen it stocked in any bookstores so far this year but it was still on shelves last year and is easy enough to order. The pieces are pretty varied in terms of style and theme. All are worth reading.

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