Sunday, October 7, 2012

Top 200 Church Blogs

Church Relevance has put out a listing of top church blogs. It is fairly interesting. Some I am already familiar with since I routinely read them (some appear on Huffington Post and/or Patheos). Others I have heard of but have not gotten around to perusing them and many more that I have never come across in any way. It will take some time but I intend to explore them all.

I am not certain whether I will bother commenting on them or not, assuming I have not already. I will refrain from doing so before having read at least six or more posts. I feel it is only fair to withhold judgement before reading enough to have established what the blog is really like. We are all prone to lapses in reasoning. Bad Catholic, #12 on the list, is a good example. The first few post I read infuriated me. I wanted to completely skewer that ignorant fucker but didn't since at that point I had only read a few posts. Yup, I have continued to read him and can state with confidence that he is an incredibly ignorant, bigoted, moronic asshole. Since he is on the list I may find the need to expound on why I find him to be such a waste of human flesh.

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