Saturday, September 1, 2012

Is Opposing GLBT Behavior “Hate”?

"Is Opposing GLBT Behavior 'Hate'?" It is an interesting question and far more nuanced and complex then you might think at first glance. It's rather unusual that I agree with the Theoblogy blog but in this instance I think Terry Jones was on the right track. There are a few points he doesn't get to in his short post that I feel should be made. Though there are many religious individual who oppose equal rights for the LGBT community I don't think they are all "hateful." I think they are all wrong, and are all ignorant hypocritical fools but that's not the same thing.

From my perspective, in order to hate someone you have to want them to come to harm. You don't necessarily have to want to do it yourself but just have a desire to see that individual(s) hurt. I've met quite a few religious people who oppose gay rights and the rights of various other minority groups but don't actually want them to be harmed. They don't realize that denying people the same rights you take for granted is a form of harm. They are not hateful. They're just horribly wrong. They should be, when possible, brought to see reason or else opposed. There is nothing wrong with having some empathy for them since most are well intentioned but their views do not need to be respected or valued. That does not mean disrespecting the individual who holds those views. It is a fine line but it is there. It may seem to be a bit contradictory but it is possible to confront and oppose people you care about.

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