Saturday, August 25, 2012

Enough with Ayn Rand

Enough already. Ayn Rand keeps being used by a variety of groups for various social, economic, and political purposes. Why? She was not that impressive. The selfish bitch has been dead for thirty years and unfortunately there is no sign that she's ever going away. It is truly mind-boggling how blinded so many have been. At best she was a second-rate novelist who liked to pretend she was a philosopher. She was not a philosopher or an economist or a social/political leader. The religious right and left have both used her atheism to bash each other and the two major political parties. That is silly since I have yet to read anything indicating her atheism motivated her to do anything. Economic conservatives use her to support highly suspicious policies despite her lack of economic understanding. Libertarians use her as a role model for individual freedom which is laughable since the closest to leadership she ever came was in creating a cult of personality. She viciously harassed and attacked any one within her group who disagreed with her. Some go on about her championing reason. That is also laughable. Her grasp on reason and critical thinking was as pathetic as any creationist you'll coma across. The moment actual logic and reasoning didn't support her ideas she set them aside and used her cult-like methods to brow beat those around her into submission.

Ayn Rand was a terrible person and an even worse model for just about any belief system that can be thought of. In some ways she is the ultimate bad example. Between her personal life and her "philosophy" of Objectivism every group that has attempted to use her would see things even they find despicable if they ever actually paid attention. I wish they'd get a clue because I'm getting fucking tired of hearing about this megalomaniacal hack.

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